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How solar-powered suitcases are helping babies in Nepal – Source:

Hari Sunar is a 24 year-old mum whose second child is due in a few days.

She walked from her home in the remote Nepalese village Pandavkhani for her final antenatal check up at her local birthing centre through shuddering thunder, a drenching rainstorm and one of the village’s frequent power cuts.

These power cuts can last up to two weeks and used to cause the birthing centre significant problems.

But now it has its own power solution.

The light in the birthing centre stays on and she smiles.

“I am really happy,” the young mum says. “Because we have a solar light at the birthing centre.”

That light is powered by a bright yellow suitcase bolted to the delivery room wall.

This is a solar suitcase.

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