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By JP Cross

        July 2018 | £8.99 | Paperback Original |

“Nobody is better qualified to tell this story of the Gurkhas’ deadly jungle battles against communist insurgency in 1950s Malaya.”

John le Carré – on Operation Janus

  • A story of jungle warfare and counter-espionage as told by a British retired Gurkha colonel who fought in the jungles of Malaya
  • Based on real characters and true events
  • Written by one of the most respected commanders of the Gurkha units.

After years of jungle service, Jason Rance, a slightly maverick Chinese-speaking British major of Gurkhas has one final chance of qualifying for promotion to lieutenant colonel. On attachment in 1959 Bangkok he meets a wartime Gurkha and together they send a message to Chin Peng and the Malayan Communists, now hiding in south Thailand, before venturing to find out if the Domino Theory – of countries falling to communism one by one – is really a threat.

Perilous adventures and military nous are the name of the game in revered Lt Col JP Cross’s books with Operation Blind Spot a must read for any military history and adventure reader.  Written with absolute authority and candour, his book will give readers an insight into what it really was like at a pivotal moment in history.

“Learn the ins and outs of jungle warfare from a true expert’ The Oldie  – on Operation Janus

About the Author

Lt Col JP Cross is a retired British officer who commanded Gurkha units for over 40 years. He has been an Indian frontier soldier, jungle fighter, policeman, military attaché, Gurkha recruitment officer, an adviser to the US Government on how to fight the Vietnam War and a linguistics professor and he is the author of over 10 books. He has fought in Burma, Saigon, India, Pakistan, North-West Frontier, Malaya, Hong Kong, Borneo and Laos, and now lives in Nepal where, well into his nineties, he still treks daily.  

Operation Janus is published by Monsoon Books.