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Hari Budha Magar on track to make history

Hari Budha Magar made a History!!!

Hari Budha Magar a double above knee amputee (DAK) and his Conquering Dreams team have summited Mera Peak (6471m/21,224′) at 09:02am on 19 September 2017. That means the first double above knee amputee to summit a peak over 6000 meters. This was part of Hari’s training to climb Mt. Everest in Spring 2018.

‘Conquering Dreams Mera Peak Expedition’ was jointly supported by UK/Nepal based Himalayan Ski & Treks (led by Krishna Thapa) and USA based Myrmidon Expeditions (led by Christopher Pollak).

Hari had to pay the majority of the expedition cost himself, ‘Remortgaging his Property’ because ‘People didn’t have any faith in him that he would able to climb Mera Peak.’ Hari didn’t have any corporate sponsors and donations or enough public funding to support this feat of human endeavour.

Hari says, ‘Life is all about adaptation.” Now, Hari has proved that “Nothing is Impossible!”

Hari was injured in Afghanistan losing both his legs in an IED blast.  To support Hari and follow his progress head over to Conquering Dreams Facebook page.

(Cover photo from Conquering Dreams Facebook page)