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Annual Grant Text

The BNS Sub-Committee will decide upon the eligibility and merits of each application and may select one or two applications to receive a payment provided that such payments do not exceed £1,000 in total.

The BNS Sub-Committee reserves the right not to recommend payment of a donation in any given year or to recommend that the annual allocated sum is carried forward and added to the following year’s donation.

The BNS Sub-Committee shall make its recommendations to the BNS Committee for its approval at the last ordinary meeting (normally in October) of each calendar year.

Successful grant applications will be announced at The BNS Annual General Meeting in December, when BNS members will be encouraged to add their own additional financial contributions to the chosen good cause or causes.

Grants will be paid to the selected charity/charities no later than the 30th June in the following year, being the end of The BNS Financial Year.

All grants will be paid by BNS cheque or BACS payment to the recipient charity’s business bank account as approved by The BNS.

Charities that receive a BNS grant must provide a report on completion of the project or when equipment purchased, supported by receipts and photographs. Details and images of such funded project or equipment may be used in BNS publicity.

Charities receiving a BNS grant will be encouraged to give a talk to the Society explaining how the grant has been used.

The BNS is not in a position to give feedback on unsuccessful applications.

Charities that receive a BNS grant may only re-apply for a further donation from the third anniversary of the previous award.

Timetable for 2020 Awards

30th September  2020 Deadline for applications
October Sub-Committee selects successful applicant(s)
29th October Sub-Committee makes recommendation to the full Committee at the October meeting
November Successful/unsuccessful applicants notified
10th December 2020 Successful applicants announced at The BNS AGM
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