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Annual Grant 2022

In 2022 the Britain-Nepal Society awarded the Grant to Women Without Roofs
Women Without Roofs is a small Christian charity based in England that benefits women and their children in Nepal. We assist vulnerable women who find themselves living on their own with no one to support them. Though many of the women we help are widows, many more have been abandoned by their husbands and cannot trace them

How We Help
WWR provides money for rent and medical bills, and if the woman has a child, we pay a fixed sum each month for their education. This model succeeds because the women still need to work to earn money for food, clothing, and other basics. Therefore they have a ‘reason to get up in the morning’, and consequently, they are recognised members of their communities. In 2011 we opened a women’s home in Lalitpur, which houses our most vulnerable women who cannot work due to age or health. The home provides them with food, lodging, and community.

This year we have opened a second women’s home based on a sheltered housing model. The women live independently, but we keep a close eye on them, and they enjoy the supportive company of each other.

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